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KALAC "Odyssee" LPcol

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PRE ORDER !!! RELEASE DATE: 12th may....




limited vinyl edition

400 copies in total

2 x 200 black & marbled

co-laboration between

CremeBruleeRecords ( FRA )

WeirdBeard ( UK )

EcholdelikRecords ( USA )

& me



single jacket

black poly lined inners


+ download-code


"KALAC is a French psych band from Dinan (Brittany) influenced by krautrock,shoegaze, 70’s psych and space rock. Mostly instrumental, the few verses are sung in French.

Their first single “Conscience” was out in March 2023 on Crème Brûlée Records and will belong to their upcoming first album to be released on May 12 th 2024. The power-trio is flirting with the sound of neopsychedelic scene.

Hypnotic and atmospheric riffs are their recipe to put you in a state of levitation and
introspection. They already performed many gigs in France and a few abroad since spring 2022 and could share the stage with Minami Deutsch and the Warlocks, among others "​



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