DON JUAN MATUS "Visiones Paganas" coloured LP

DON JUAN MATUS "Visiones Paganas" coloured LP

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DON JUAN MATUS / "Visiones Paganas" / CR003

THIS IS THE amber-tobacco  edition

++ strictly limited to 200 copies++

*  handnumbered

*  high quality vinyl

*  Insert / Inlay

*  pressed in Germany

This is the bands 2nd release in 2008. Soon after this the band released a split 7" on a Japanese label with Angel of Damnation but I have not been able to find where outside Japan to get it so, I cant review that track (and it is not at myspace). Anyway, the band has now expanded into a five piece and while the other album was mostly instrumental, this one is mostly vocal. There are 9 tracks in 31 minutes. The album is a mixture of short acoustic tracks (Foresta Esmeralda), garage rockers like Cancion para Nuada, and Desierto Roja, which reminds me of Abramis Brama. Sol Poniente is a longer track and more spacey psychedelic rock before the ending track, Adios Afallenau, is a short
instrumental blues number.

Strictly limited edition vinyl version of 499 copies.

( 200 x black + 200 x amber-tobacco ** THIS ONE ** + 99 x orange  )

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