THE LYSERGICS "same" LP ++++++++++++++++++++ CR014 COL

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Art.Nr.: CR014 COL
THE LYSERGICS "same" LP  ++++++++++++++++++++            CR014 COL









    limited to 500 handnumbered copies

              *** pressed in Germany ***

    Gatefoldcover   ( Artwork by VIBRAVOID )

    +   3 post-cards

    +  lyric-sheet

       +  black polylined innersleeve

      200 x black 180gr

    200 x purple marbled 180gr

      ****     THIS ONE!!!   ****

    100 x special-colour-split as DIE HARD edition a special cotton-sleeve......

The Lysergics are a classic psychedelic 3-piece from London. This self titled album is full of trippy keyboard parts, fuzz guitars and great catchy tunes. The style at times brings to mind the early days of Pink Floyd, there are garagey psych elements, but always with those '60s sounding keyboards and a fuzz guitar to the fore. Great tripped-out sounds for fans of Vibravoid and late '60s psychedelia!


S I D E       A:

1. Blue Lines Splashing Orange

2. 10000 Words In A Cardboard Box

3. On The Water


S I D E       B:

1. Invisible Bars

2. The Sun And The Moon

3. Julie´s Glance


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