ACID ROOSTER "same" 3rd-press


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Sunhair Music SH 0031

new & unplayed

und hier die dritte Pressung die ACID ROOSTER LP in

blauem transparenten Vinyl

Die dritte Auflage ist eine 200er Edition, handnumeriert!

Mit Poster (Risodruck)

The debut of the Leipzig/Germany based psychedelic-trio ACID ROOSTER was recorded

in December 2018 at Zentralantiquariat Leipzig by Jan Werner, who normally plays guitar

in DATASHOCK and YAGOW. In 4 days of intense recording the band managed

to tape a selection of countless ideas, they collected over the last years in endless

rehearsal jams and many improvised live shows.

On the record you find 6 instrumental pieces (3 on each side), which explore the depths

of free thinking psychedelic music. The Songs remind of bands like motorpsycho, agitation free,

hawkwind or NEU!, but really have their own handwriting. From very quiet,

spheric tunes to endless space jams or dark and heavy tunes the record contains

a variety of different emotions and styles from psychedelic music to kraut rock or post rock.


The 180 gram black vinyl, which is limited to 200 copies, comes with a download code

and a risograph poster printed by RISO CLUB Leipzig. The Artwork is by Christian Körber.


Band biography:

ACID ROOSTER started playing live shows in late 2015, but the three musicians know each other since childhood and play music together since the early 2000s. While living together for many years and getting through the same musical socialisation, it became a steady ritual to go to the rehearsal space for endless jam sessions, improvising the whole nights. So the first concerts of the band contained long improvised jams of free thinking psychedelic instrumental music without song structures, exploring the possibilites of the moment. An example of this period is the record „Live at Desi“ of 2017. But after a while the band started elaborating different musical structures. So the debut album is a collection of 6 partly written and improvised pieces, which span a wide range of ideas, that finally are taped on vinyl on their self titled debut album and will be released in Summer 2019.


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