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CR 056
DOMO „ Domonautas Vol I“

( VOL II will follow 2020...)
Domo was formed in early 2010 in Alicante

as a result of a common link
between its components for psychedelia and improvisation.

Thus, taking as a
starting point the classic structures of heavy,

hard rock and progressive rock of
the seventies, they begin to work on what would be

their first self-titled album,
which was released in the

middle of that same year.
In 2011, the Italian label Phonospera Records

remastered the album and also
issued it on vinyl.
The following album was released in 2015

(Jams From the Sun, Lay Bare
Recordings), a split with Pyramidal,

which includes several improvisations
recorded live at

Sonidiscta studios in Altea, Alicante.
During these nine years, Domo has shared the stage,

among others, with bands
like Ecstatic Vision, La Otracina, Ghold, Karma to Burn,

The Wizards, Grajo …
and has participated in festivals such

as Roadburn (Holland) or Stonefest
Vinyl factz:
limited to 400 copies
250 x black 180gr
150 x red-transparent-black-Splatter DIE HARD edition

** THIS ONE **
ALL: incl.insert & sticker
( + patch for the DIE HARD edition )



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