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"Domonautas Vol II"


limited to 150 numbered copies

incl. insert

& 2 poster ( 30 x 60cm )

(artwork from Vol I & II )

























Spanish psychedelic, stoner, space-rock band.

Their largely instrumental style is close

to many modern Krautrock bands,

except for the slight

Spanish cultural touches and heavy guitar element close to

Bevis Frond or Outskirts Of Infinity.



Domo ( Alicante,Spain)  is formed at the beginning of 2010 in Alicante.

Practicing psychedelic and electrifying rock,

Domo base their foundations in the

psychedelia and experimentation, using as a starting point the classical structures of Heavy, Hard Rock and Prog of the seventies.


After the great success of VOLUME I last year, we continue now with VOLUME II in a very special collectors edition, including an LP-size insert & 2 big poster with the cover-artwork ( by Maarten Donders )  from both releases!!




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