KANOI & KRPL "stealth chicken" CD

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Kanoi & KRPL "stealth chicken " CD

Named after a character from an obscure german pulp fiction magazine,

Kanoi is Benjamin Kantschieder's take on music influenced

by the mindset of 70s space rock, his record collection and

love for sonic experimentation.

KRPL are a heavy instruMental band from Graz, Austria.

Together they released a double album of improvised music

in 2016 called "Das blutige Samenkorn".

"Stealth Chicken", the new album by Kanoi & KRPL,

again consists of 3 completely improvised tracks

(this time even including brass instrumentation on one of them)

and delivers about 40 minutes of new, spacey music.

limitited to 300 copies


made in E.U.


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