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LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE / "Echo in Light" / CR002

400  x  black **THIS ONE*

99  x  col. as SPECIAL-DELUXE edition **S O L D    O U T**


*  handnumbered

*  gatefoldcover

*  high quality vinyl

*  Insert / Inlay

*  pressed in Germany


Craig Williamson (aka Lamp Of The Universe), from New Zealand plays the kind of music you might imagine hearing while laying on your back in some far away garden. Each song has it's own distinct, trippy vibe, but they all flow together with amazing ease. Featuring a strong melody sung in Williamson's typically blissed out, smiling voice, some of the deepest wah-wahed guitar I've ever heard, coupled with waves of trippy organ and a graceful, fluid rhythm pounded out on the skins. Combine it with swirling, bubbling liquid synth effects and tambourine psychedelic, bluesy guitar swirls around mystical piano, trancey drumming, and spacey effects in a dazzling, cosmically mellow jam that will have you floating away on gentle waves into the starry night. Lay back, and let your mind and soul wander. Totally cosmic!

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Versandgewicht: 565 g
Versandgewicht: 565 g
Versandgewicht: 565 g
Versandgewicht: 565 g
Versandgewicht: 565 g
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