LUNAR SWAMP "Moonshine Blues" LP black

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"Moonshine Blues"


399 copies in total

200 x black -180gr. - ** THIS ONE **

88 x  coloured VELVETT PURPLE  -  180gr. -

111 x DIE HARD edition

all with

LP-size-insert &

-handnumbered -

DH edition:

+A 5 card  band pics

& special handmade cotton cover



DOOM CHARTS JULY 2021: "Six songs drenched in thc, their dense, shamanic blues drugging and hitting us alike. Powerful riffs, 70’s echoes and heavy psychedelia manage to magnetize the listener with a slow but leaden tempo thanks to their stoner-doom echoes. Under the intoxicating mists that emerge from the most mysterious swamps, LUNAR SWAMP knows how to move perfectly in those psychotropic atmospheres. With the stealth of an alligator in its natural habitat, the Catanzaro trio immerse themselves in the legacy of the Lizard King, seizing his shamanic faculty to elevate us to a lysergic trance in which proto-doom and murky Stoner sounds take over. our senses to the rhythm of blues."

THE SLEEPING SHAMAN: "you’ll be positively delighted with this new release. The wonderful thing about Moonshine Blues is that the experimental touches are subtle and help to keep things fresh without ever really detracting from the band’s core sound."

OUTLAWS OF THE SUN: "Moonshine Blues is the debut album from Italian Blues/Stoner/Swamp Rockers Lunar Swamp and the band have already impressed the Stoner Rock Community with their previous releases. Lunar Swamp debut album is a seedy and entertaining ride into the more swampier side of Doom/Stoner Metal and it’s one we don’t really hear much these days and lets hope Lunar Swamp will be around for a long time to come and release high quality records such as this."


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