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The partnership itself of Maat Lander andOresund Space Collective gives a particular colour to this split album that sets it apart from the clutter of releases of the space rock genre.
This is mighty trippy stuff. It is the music of Maat Lander, three guys hailing out of Russia and Oresund Space Collective, eight members with a more international base. Without getting into a “who does what” here, suffice to say this music is some mighty fine space rock. All you really need to know is its two long compositions clocking in at forty-two minutes together "Spacerock at it's very finest!!! Two great bands of their genre on this marvelous new album. They are Maat Lander & Oresund Space Collective. Psychedelic floaty spaceyness to transport you to the higher plains and if you're lucky (depending on your point of view), bringing you back down again after!"

Highly recommended to fans of the Space Rock genre.

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