Mani + Zeus "The Secret Lives" LP

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Mani & Zeus

"The Secret Lives" LP

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Label: Bellerophon Records ( 2020 )

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The album title alone is evidence for the subliminal humor that powers the
dynamic duo from southern Germany. Describing the lives of Mani Neumeier and
Zeus B. Held as “secret” is an almost cabaret-like description. Neumeier, the
founder of Guru Guru, is "on stage" all around the world for half a century.
Countless incarnations of his band served cocktails containing of free-beat,
krautrock, world music, jazz, funk and pop - all driven by Mani's polyrhythmic
After numerous albums with Birth Control and also highly valued solo productions,
Zeus B. Held took place on the producer chair for clients like “Die
Krupps”,”Fashion”,”Gina X” and “Transvision Vamp”.
So it is safe to say, nobody has to prove anything in Mani + Zeus, and this
is what you can hear in the compositions. “The Secret Lives” sounds compelling
and fresh with a playful ease.
Only a few guests can be heard on the ten tracks, so essentially the interaction
between the two makes this album very special. "The Secret Lives" is
a musical journey. Seriously grooving, then quirky and suddenly blessed with
subversive humor. To put it this way: a 100% clean good fun guarantee. Ten
splendid tunes that make you happy immediately.
Mani + Zeus – The Sectret Lives. Mission accomplished.mz1


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Delivery weight: 515 g
Delivery weight: 565 g
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Delivery weight: 565 g
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