PUB CERENKOV - Journey To Pillow King - CD

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- Journey To Pillow King -


Since 2015, PUB CERENKOV achieves attention with their releases of epic improvised jams, labeled as night-sessions. This is the bands first, full-length debut album. 8 tracks of spaced-out heavy-psych grooves will cast a spell over it's hypnotized listeners and port them away.

"Every track will take you to a trip to a wonder-lowland of abstruse atmospheric dreams, followed by hills of heavy and oppressing reality."


Band members

MATT: Guitar, Effects, Vocals
POLI : Guitar, Effects, Background Vocals
FLAFI: Drums
RAFI: Bass

Article details
Audio CD, jewel case, 4 page booklet, download code included

Mastered by Eroc

Released by PsyKA Records
Catalog No. PSYKA-014


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