RIDER NEGRO "The Echo of the Desert" LP DH-edition

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" The Echo and the Desert"

++   660 copies in total ++
220 x black  
220 x red-transparent
220 x red-black marbled ( DIE HARD edition ) ++ THIS ONE ++
180gr. Vinyl -
- LP size insert & DLC -
- Gatefoldcover -
- black poly-lined-inner-sleeves -
-handnumbered -
DIE HARD edition
+ A 3 poster
+ A 5 card
+ sticker
bandcamp: With Pink Floyd being my favourite band and The Doors among those not far behind, how could I not like these Mexican grand-sons of a certain James Douglas Morrison!? Well, overall the Doors influences clearly dominate, but early-Floydian elements are plenty and the occasional Latin infusions make things even more interesting. Someone mentioned Tio Carlos S. and listening to El Buitre, I won't argue with that ;-)
( Carsten Pieper via bc )

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