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"Ride The Horizon"


Ride The Horizon is the 8th album of Sleeping Pandora.

The sound trademark are lengthy guitar improvisations, embedded in a more electronic spacey environment, which will take your mind on a beautiful journey.

Bluesy guitar licks alternate with ambient like structures, while preserving the rocky jamming vibe.

Ride The Horizon offers endless melodies in a meditative atmosphere, best suited for long road trips or creative state of minds.

The beats and rhythms seem to vary between electronic and rock and propose a certain kind of openness.

Mastered by krautrock legend Eroc the audio quality was lifted to vinyl standard. Ride The Horizon will be released on march 21th, 2021 under clostridiumrecords. There will be two vinyl packages, one standard black edition and one blue coloured special edition with posters, autographes and stickers.

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