THE INFINITE TRIP "Illustrated Mind" LP coloured

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Illustrated Mind“


"Illustrated Mind" is a new compilation album, limited edition, on vinyl by The Infinite Trip released by Clostridium Records.

The Infinite Trip is a UK based studio project band consisting of two veteran musicians with a long

existing passion for the Psychedelic genre going back to its roots in the 1960's onwards. The band

members are Peter and Jules who work together as a team putting the tracks together in a studio


The band have self released online 8 albums to date plus a compilation CD by Clostridium Records

which comprises of tracks from the existing albums. This vinyl now offers a different compilation taken

from existing material.

The Infinite Trip is a band that defies existing specific genres as it incorporates a hybrid mixture of

Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock, Space Rock, Ethnic, Electronic, Dub and Progressive Rock which fuses

into their own unique and mesmerising individual style.

The Infinite Trip's identity is founded upon the lifelong experience of the constantly changing worlds of

Psychedelic Music and Art. “

Limited edition vinyl with amazing artwork again by Dale Simpson.

Vinyl factz:

limited to 500 copies

200 x black 180gr

200 x coloured 180gr ** this one**

100 x special/DIE HARD edition

incl. A 4 insert

( + special addition for the DIE HARD edition )


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