THE RE-STONED "thunders of the deep" CD

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"thunders of the deep"
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limited to 300 sealed copies

This album appears the one it is partially because of all the hard times and events of 2020 year. Initially we wanted to record a track or two in support of our April 2020 Baltic tour. We recorded a couple of tracks and then the lockdown happened. So, we have decided to continue with the recordings during the period of quarantine, though it was not an easy thing to do. In the beginning we saw this album different way, having started composing new tracks last year. However things changed rapidly — our plans and everything - leading to our decision to change the album concept. In the end we recorded some tracks which due to some reason either have not been recorded waiting for their time to come or have been released earlier, but changed a lot while being performed live literally becoming completely different ones (i.e. "Sea Monk" or "Faces of Earth"). To our mind this recording resulted in a very live way in the spirit of the 70’s hard rock which traditions we are trying to follow.

releases November 19, 2020

lya Lipkin — guitars, effects, mandola, grass flute
Vladimir Kislyakov — bass
Anton Yalovchuk — drums

Special guests: Ivan Fedotov — wave drum, Ark Fedotov — synth

Recorded at Skylak Studio, Rushus Studio and Smile Studio in 2018/2020
Sound engineer — Tima MMXX
Mixed by Ilya Lipkin
Mastered by Janne Stark
Artwork by Alexandr Zhelonkin aka Arzamas
Concept & Design by Ilya Lipkin

All music by The Re-Stoned
©2020 Clostridium Record

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