WOLVES OF SATURN " the deserts echo and the peyote delusion "

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CR 085




the deserts echo and the peyote delusion -


limited VINYL edition

200 x MARBLED   - 180gr. -

black poly lined innersleeves

A 2 poster, sticker & dlc



During a world wide pandemic the three members of Wolves Of Saturn cut off any connections to the outside and find

together in a WW2 bunker in a tiny German village.

Deep below the surface, between the massive silence of the earth, they create and selfrecord the songs for their first LP.
The narrowness of the space leaves its marks, the desire for freedom and unfolding becomes a fundamental part of the songs.

The sound paves its way through the underground to the top. In the endless expanse of the desert he learns to fly and takes you with him on a unique trip.



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