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– Before I Die I

( 2LP )

Label: The Lab Records ‎– LAB044, Threechords Record Store ‎– TCR003 ( 02/2020 )

limited to 300 yellow copies!!

‘Before I die I…’ is Gomer Pyle’s third official album. This album again takes their listeners on a broad range of musical journeys. Since the band never had much interest in genre’s or expectations, ‘Before I die…’ is again a collection of music that the guys wanted to make at that time.
But still the typical overall Gomer Pyle vibe makes it a coherent trip through a divers cosmos where one can dream away or fight his battles. And of course the band feels comfortable in the psychedelic/stoner/grunge part of the galaxy so fans will undoubtedly see Before I die I…’ as a worthy successor of ‘Idiots Savants’.
The new album is also a homage to Gomer Pyle’s friend, booker and manager Bidi (Danny van Drongelen) who sadly past away in 2017. Without Bidi, Gomer Pyle would not have had the platform it has now. A great loss still, not only for Gomer Pyle but for the entire rock scene.

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