WILD FUZZ TRIP "surreal sourroundings/fuzznaut)))"

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Wild Fuzz Trip is the music of the PedalTvChannel crew with the Icelandic artist Bjarki Omarsson on drums, hope you like it !

What a special sonic treat there is for you today, my friends! Wild Fuzz Trip delivers only the very best instrumental stoner music.

One thing about Wild Fuzz Trip that sets them apart is they make music that you would call doom, but also they make psychedelic music, too. They ride right along the line between doom and psych. A track like Mammoth Tower has some psych elements to it, but it is more doom. But a track like Stonefly Echo has more psych guitar and effects.
And another thing about Wild Fuzz Trip are the PEDALS! So many pedals! „


limitited to 300 copies


made in E.U.


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