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"Circus of Plague"


Psychedelic, Progressive, Stoner, Blues, Rock from Dortmund (GER)
The late 60's and early 70's, that was the great time of classic rock trios. With irrepressible energy,
boundless passionful, improvisation and incredible dynamics, three- pieces like The Jimi Hendrix
Experience, Cream, Rory Gallagher`s Band Taste, Blue Cheer, Mountain
or Johnny Winter and his band, revolutionized rock music.
Keeping up their tradition, Rocco’s Red Cloud, a young trio from the eastern Ruhr area, are getting
ready to add new facets to that classic sound.
The heavy, psychedelic blues rock sound of the Sixties role models is now enriched by the
youngsters with the musical benefits of subsequent rock generations, to create their own sound.

Vinyl factz
150x black 2 x 180gr + 12-page-booklet 

150 x 2 x red-marbled + 12-page-booklet  -THIS ONE-



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