PURPLE AVENGERS "Let The Compass Sink" black

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"Let The Compass Sink"

300 copies in total
200 x black -180gr. - ** THIS ONE **
100 x marbled - 180gr. -
all with LP-size insert, sticker & DLC
-handnumbered -
Purple Avengers have been tossing their messages in a bottle into
psychedelic seas since 1987.
Their home port is Brisbane, Australia.
“Let The Compass Sink” is their latest psych rock odyssey, released on Clostridium Records. Drop your compass and tune your senses!
Travel with them on swift currents to unknown lands.
Cup your ears. Bask blissful in the glow of strange suns,
devoid of magnets, as all direction is meaningless.
See you there!


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Versandgewicht: 515 g
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Versandgewicht: 515 g
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