MAAT LANDER "Elements:Air" LP black

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CR 072

" Elements: Air"

310 copies in total
210 x black -180gr. -
100 x GOLD - 180gr. - 
( DIE HARD edition / + 70 pieces jigsawpuzzle )
all with 16-page-A-5-booklet & DLC
-handnumbered -
"With our new release 'Elements: Air', we open a series of albums
dedicated to the elements that everything is made up of.
They will be united by a common character
— our hero Maat Lander.
In the books that will be attached to the releases,
that will accompany the albums you can learn
his amazing story from the beginning.
So let the journey through the Maat Lander galaxy continue!

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Versandgewicht: 515 g
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Versandgewicht: 515 g
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