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pre-order!! release date: 1st april

CR 081




  • -  III -


limited VINYL edition

my so-called DIE HARD edition

200 x MARBLED  - 180gr. -

black poly lined innersleeves

A 2 poster, sticker & dlc

this one: + SLIPMAT !!


The creative musical machine from Stuttgart, Germany, also known as the human entity of Shem has delivered a brand new slab of improvisational psychedelic sound pulsations. With their third outing, simply baptised III, they prove that good improvisational music is like wine or whiskey; it gets better with age. This makes sense of course, because improvisational music depends on experience, confidence, skill, and of course becoming a well oiled machine together. This album definitely proves Shem‘s machine-like qualities like no release of theirs did before.

On this four song album (two long form pieces, and two shorter tracks) the band presents themselves as an enigmatic device, taking its time to land on your proverbial lawn. Quite literally even, opener Paragate feels like a gigantic space ship slowly coming down, and landing on earth. You can hear the engines throbbing, the weird lights glowing, and the strange spacey noises swirl. Everything grows louder and heavier with every inch the ship gets closer to the ground, until it finally lands with a great thundering finale.......


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