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strictly limited to 175 copies....

*  handnumbered

*  gatefoldcover

*  high quality vinyl

*  Inlay / Insert

* Poster & Sticker

*  pressed in Germany


Heavily fuzzed out 70's rock and a medium dose of sexadelica.

We, Propane Propane, the heavy and fuzzed out "stonerrock" band where founded in late 2008. The band is based in the southern parts of Sweden, in the deep windy but beautiful woods of Småland, a small town band with the ambition to play good music when the rest of the mainstream music business keeps knocking at that same old worn out and tedious door. A couple of guys who collectively embraced and found sanctification in the warm, heavy and groovy sound of bands such as Kyuss, Dozer, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Truckfigthers and Earth but also the heavy psychedelic world of the 60-70's......

( 200 x black  + 200 x green + 200 x white & 175 blue marbled as DIE  HARD **this one**)




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