LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE "transcendence" LP black

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LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE / "transcendence" / CR008


strictly limited to 200 copies....

*  handnumbered

*  high-glossy gatefoldcover

*  high quality vinyl

*  Insert / Inlay

*  pressed in Germany

Transcendence' is certainly the most active and psych-rock styled album so far from Craig Williamson. As with earlier albums (Acid Mantra, The Cosmic Union etc.) things are still quite diverse....starting with the more acid rock styled opener 'Pantheist', with its backwards guitar effects, fuzz solos and Mellotron passages, to the more psych-folk feelings of songs like 'Creation Of Light' or the fuzzed-out acid fried long final track, this is album is loaded with all the hippy trippy '60s/'70s atmosphere you need.

Strictly limited edition vinyl version of 500 copies.

( 200 x black ** this one ** + 200 x blue + 100 red blue  )


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Versandgewicht: 565 g
Versandgewicht: 565 g
Versandgewicht: 565 g
Versandgewicht: 565 g
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