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limited to 500 handnumbered copies

* 200 x black wax 180 gr         THIS ONE !!      

* 200 x pink-purple-marbled 180gr                    

* 100 x red-black + special handmade cotton-sleeve

     DIE HARD edition        

* all editions have an insert

* high-glossy gatefold

* black polylined innersleeve

* pressed in Germany


Lamp of the Universe has one long (21:48) track entitled 'Domain Of The Buddah', starting with a cosmic drone and merging into a psych jam with acid guitars, flute, space effects and chanting. Sometime in the middle things calm down and there are some proper vocals and acoustic guitar and then we're away again, jamming into the cosmos, finally ending with the drone again this time with acoustic guitars and synth effects. Trip Hill deliver five tracks of great neo psych. Starting out with some crazy sounds effects we quickly go into a moody '60s styled track with some sitar and tripped out vocals. Amazing. Then we're into an acoustic eastern trance thing with lazy delayed vocals and fuzz guitar. Another moody piece follows, and we end this great trip with another '60s styled track with great vocals, buzzing tremolo guitar and mellow vibe.

Edition of 500 handnumbered copies in a high-glossy gatefold sleeve.


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Versandgewicht: 565 g
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