ZEN TRIP / PROJEKT FX 3 Split LP coloured

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ZEN TRIP & PROJEKT FX 3  CR 038 black



Music from another World“


ZEN TRIP: We´re the Brothers of the ACID SUN...O))))) Bernd-GIT./VOC, Stefan-BASS, Stephan- DRUMS...together we´re playing our PSYCHoutMISSION to all of YOU, if you like it !!! Love, Peace & HeavyTunes from ZENLAND ((((o))))


 Since 2008 PROJEKT FX3 are creating their extraordinary structures of sounds; hypnotic rhythms with spheric sounds and optical effects from another world.Just relax and join a fascinating journey with PROJEKT FX3…

Vinyl factz:

limited to 380 copies

250 x black 180gr 

130 x splatter (+ EXTRA CD with BONUS-track)

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incl. A 4 - insert


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Versandgewicht: 465 g
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Versandgewicht: 465 g
Versandgewicht: 515 g
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