TRAIL "Spaces" LP

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 TRAILSpaces“ CR 039 black

Psychedelic Stoner Blues Post

Rock Band



TRAIL - Not only is their music unlike any normal stereotype, but so is their stage set.
Their bluesy, melancholic  and explicit sound is based upon fat and dirty guitars, heavy and groovy basses and electrifying drums.

This is  reminiscent of the birthplace of Grunge, Seattle. The deep desert sound waves therefore force the audience into other dimensions traveling directly into the eardrums of each individual person. 

The music speaks to you  like a trip placed on your tongue.

 Oppressive guitar fragments, vibrating basses and yet there is still this psychedelic devotion that drifts the blues  in the dedicated direction of stoner rock.

.. The four man line up has existed since the end of 2015 - the main line up's origins are based upon the different band's that each member has collected over the last 15 years of their professional experience.



Vinyl factz:

limited to 500 copies

160 x black 180gr ** THIS ONE **

215 x coloured 180gr

125 x special/DIE HARD edition

incl. A 2 poster

( + special addition/tote-bag for the DIE HARD edition )


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