COSMIC FALL "In Search Of Outer Space" LP coloured


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"In Search Of Outer Space"

"Berlin-based heavy psych jammers Cosmic Fall will issue their new album, In Search of Outer Space, ....I’m sure you’ve already checked out their stuff, because you’re hip to what’s happening and on your stuff and always ahead of the game and other-cliches-meaning-aware-of-the-world-around-you, but if not, you should know up front: these freaks can J-A-M."



Vinyl factz:

limited to 500 copies



200 x black 180gr


200 x coloured 180gr

 **THIS ONE **


100 x blue-black marbled ( DIE HARD edition ) 180gr

ALL: incl. A 2 poster & DLC 

( DH-ed + tote bag )


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