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the new album of Le Mur.

Le Mur from the Ruhr-area in Germany plays heavy-dark-trip-rock since 2007.

Exorta is their third album and after In Tenebris (2012) & Silentia Nova (2013) the last part of a trilogy,which was written and recorded 2013-2017 in Bochum-Germany.

Mixed by the german legend of krautrock EROC and the cover is painted from the artist Bojana Jokic.

Three musicians, lots of instruments and lots of sound effects: what else needs to be happy? .. The musical range of le mur (2007) ranges from progressive to psychedelic hard rock with influences from Stoner, and 60s/70s-Progressive SpaceDoomrock. Purely instrumental or rather heavy on text, straight or playful, violent or peaceful - sophisticated compositions, a sound that can not be set to a specific genre, and critical German, English or even Latin texts draw from the music of le mur.

Vinyl factz:

limited to 520 copies


210 x black 180gr

210 x coloured 180gr

incl. Flyer & DLC


100 x special/DIE HARD edition

+ 3D Gel Aufkleber (Doming)LURcol2

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Versandgewicht: 465 g
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Versandgewicht: 565 g
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