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CR 068


" XX "

300 copies in total
200 x black -180gr. -
100 x marbled - 180gr. -
all with A 2 poster & DLC
-handnumbered -

“Heavy Moon XX” is the twentieth studio album from Heavy Moon and is comprised of two side-long, twenty-minute compositions, recorded in 2020.

After 14 years and 19 albums, it’s the culmination of the vision for Heavy Moon Rehlinger has had for the psychedelic spacerock project since the the first Heavy Moon release in 2006. Blending classic late ‘60s acid rock with early ‘70s prog, krautrock, and proto-metal, he’s woven a sonic tapestry of trippy, mind-bending sounds and textures to aid the listener in their own astral travels.

No additional psychedelics needed.

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