ZEN TRIP "sun voyage" LP DH

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CR 074


"sun voyage"


400 copies in total

200 x black -180gr. -

200 x  coloured   -  180gr. -  DIE HARD edition ** THIS ONE **

all with

A 2 poster & DLC

-handnumbered -

DH edition:


The 3 Mushroom Riders are back with their third Message 
6 Tracks of heavy blusey Vibes from the 70ties



Note: Although our coloured vinyl has a very high quality standard, audio pressed on non-black vinyl is more susceptible to higher noise levels and/or clicks in the lead-in and lead-out grooves, or on quiet parts of the recording.

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Versandgewicht: 515 g
Versandgewicht: 565 g
Versandgewicht: 515 g
Versandgewicht: 515 g
Versandgewicht: 565 g
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