VIBRAVOID "Kursaal Psichedelico" VELP030

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"Kursaal Psichedelico"


( Vincebus Eruptum, Italy -15th July 2020 )


Limited edition Picture Disc vinyl (VELP030): 350 hand-numbered copies + inserts (poster, inner)

Tracklist - Side A:
Vivid Vision
Just 13
Lovely Lady Deb 0'Nair

Tracklist - Side B:
What You Want

Recorded Live @ Italo Calvino (Kursaal Palace) - 18/10/2012

After many years of friendship and collaborations, I am proud and honoured to finally inlcude the VIBRAVOID on the Vincebus Eruptum records catalogue!
This is a live recording of one of the best concerts I have ever attended, which was organized in collaboration with the RAINDOGS HOUSE and held at the ITALO CALVINO in Loano, Savona, in 2012.
The quality of the recording is not the best – however, the artistic performance was so outstanding that we decided that this invaluable document had to go on the record.
Thanks to Alessandro Mazzitelli for the recording and to Marco Traverso (Raindogs) for the organization.

Official issue date: 15th of July 2020


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