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BROWN SPIRITS s/t CR 031 black

Brown Spirits is an outfit from Melbourne featuring veterans of the garage punk euro-touring circuit. This LP offering was recorded to 1/4 inch tape and mixed on home turf, collating a love of Hammond-driven kraut-laden psych jams, downtempo beats and atmospheric guitar noise inspired by the Italian library/soundtrack genre. Think Guru Guru meets Floyd circa '69 with a dash of benzo-riddled insanity from a vintage super 8 'adult' film and you start to get the picture!

Vinyl factz:

  • limited to 370 copies
  • pressed in Germany
  • handnumbered
  • black poly-lined innersleeve
  • 240 x black 180gr ** THIS ONE **
  • 130 x splatter ( + 13 x 13cm photo )
  • ALL: incl.insert & downlaod-code


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