SPATIAL MOODS "Terra & La Cueva Sessions" LP DIE HARD

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SPATIAL MOODS "Terra & La Cueva Sessions " CR033 DieHard

"Spatial Moods started an improvisational jam band in 2012 with the trio of guitarist Jorge Apaza, bassist Gean Karlo Vargas and drummer-percussionist Daniel Rojas; soon Arturo Alonso Quispe Velarde joined on sax as a special guest (himself being a member of Cholo Visceral and Rapa Nui), and so the jams became real meetings of musical creativity. In less than a year, Spatial Moods has become one of the most prominent psychedelic prog bands in Lima's underground rock scene."

Vinyl Factz

  • limited to 400 copies
  • 150 x black -180gr.-
  • 150 x Splatter (lila/white)***THIS ONE***
  • 100 x SPLIT red / blue = DIE HARD edition ***THIS ONE***
  • incl. A 4 insert
  • & DLC


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