LA IGLESIA ATOMICA "gran muro de coma" LP coloured

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Gran Muro de Coma“

The legendary Heavy Psych/Stoner Rock, and pioneer of the rock en español movement from the '90s decade in Puerto Rico, La Iglesia Atómica (The Atomic Church) is back on stage after 20 years of absence. Before Californian bands like Kyuss, Sleep and Avid King defined the sub genre between 1991 and 1995, The Atomic Church pioneered the sound in the Island since August, 1990.

FIRST ever vinyl-release !!


Vinyl factz:

limited to 520 copies


190 x black 180gr 

                    220 x coloured 180gr!! THIS ONE !!

incl. A2 Poster & A4 insert 

110 x special/DIE HARD edition - + 6 luminous star-sticker 


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