LA IGLESIA ATOMICA "La Guerra del Fin del Mundo"

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CR 065
"La Guerra del Fin del Mundo"
(The War of the End of the World)
>>The Human Race went mad.
With its destructive technology it swallows all the resources it finds in its path. Only the shaman will be able to invoke the ancestral spirits of mother jungle, water and the apus, protectors of Pachamama,
to stop the infallible attack ...<<
490 copies in total
200 x black -180gr. - ** THIS ONE**
200 x marbled - 180gr. -
90 x black dust
all with insert, A 2 poster & DLC
-handnumbered -
Recorded by
Harry Villavicencio at Amped Studios , San Juan, PR
Edition and premix: Agustin Criollo at Icono Music Lab,
San Juan, PR
Mix and mastering :
Eroc Ehrig at Eroc’s Mastering Ranch, Hagen, Germany

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Versandgewicht: 515 g
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Versandgewicht: 565 g
Versandgewicht: 565 g
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