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CR 069


" Pustoid "

300 copies in total
200 x black -180gr. -
100 x red-" blue " - marbled 
all with A2 poster, sticker & band-photo-card
-handnumbered -

Far away and high.

That’s where the Cosmic Letdown band delivers us when playing this wonderful album.

They come from Cheboksary, Russia, a city on the bank of the Volga river. Young and fresh, Cosmic Letdown do not hesitate

to unite good “old” psychedelia with their own breath in music.

The main theme on the album is emptiness. It is around us, it’s inside us as well. If you feel this, you easily change your mind.

What happens, where we are from, what we are thinking and struggling for, all that stuff makes no sense then.

But don’t expect to be disappointed.

That’s really cool album.

Sheer adventure, each composition continues previous one and and

unveils a new dimension.

The new strange world is here for you, no door to open.

Just step inside, and feel an approaching tsunami.

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