SHEM "No songs,Just sound" CD

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" No songs, Just sound"

limited to 300 copies

"Shem is a collective of musicians aiming to create improvisational sound pieces influenced by a wide range of eras and strains of Psychedelic music: From early Krautrock bands such as Amon Düül, Can and Popol Vuh, to the oscellation driven space rock of Hawkwind and the meandering soundscapes created by contemporary bands such as Electric Orange, Oresund Space Collective and Kungens Män. Through combining elements of Ambient, Drone, Psych and Space Rock into epic, reverb drenched jams, Shem take the listener onto a cosmic journey into their own realm of musical experimentation."


Guitars - Joel
Guitars - Alex
Bass - Tobias
Drums, Percussions - Benjamin
Synthesizers, Saxophone - Alexander

Recorded in August 2017 at Beinroth's Mansion, Théhillac, and on September 22nd at Nachtsicht Festival 2018.
Mixed by Alexander Gallagher, Benjamin Maier and Tim Heumesser
Mastered by Raphael Hieber.

Artwork by Tobias Brendel.

No Songs, just Sounds is released in co-operation with Clostridium Records and Underground Äxpärten.


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