ARC OF ASCENT "The Higher Key" LP orange

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ARC OF ASCENT / "The Higher Key" / CR004

strictly limited to 200 copies....

*  handnumbered

*  gatefoldcover

*  high quality vinyl

*  3 post-cards

*  pressed in Germany

Follow up album to 'Circle of the Sun' album by ARC OF SCENT, New Zealand heavy stoner psych rock band formed in 2008 by LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE man Craig Williamson.. Strictly limited edition vinyl version of 775 copies.

( 200 x black  + 200 x red + 200 x orange **this one** & 175 grey marbled as DIE  HARD )

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Delivery weight: 565 g
Delivery weight: 565 g
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Delivery weight: 565 g
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