COSMIC FALL "Kick Out The Jams" DLP pink purple

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 COSMIC FALL "Kick Out The Jams " CR 034LP pink-purple

"Second album by Berlin psychedelic jam/space rockers Cosmic Fall. It consists of 7 instrumental jams, which make more than 90 minutes in total. The journey takes you on a trip filled heavy psych melodies and mellow space rock tunes."

´.......die neuesten Attacken von Daniel, Klaus und Mathias, die nun schon zum zweiten Mal versuchen mir das Hirn aus der Schale zu jammen. Und? Mit Erfolg. Und rein instrumental.´

Vinyl Factz

  • limited to 600 copies
  • 300 x violett -180gr.
  • 300 x pink-purple - 180gr. **THIS ONE **
  • special Vinyl-Mastering
  • incl. DLC


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