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"Brain Utopia"

Wake up you stoner dudes and dudettes! Grab your headphones and light ‘em up because DEAF PROOF from Freiburg, Germany is unleashing a monster of an album with BRAIN UTOPIA. This work is a no-brainer must-have for Psychedelic Stoner fans, even for those whose brains tend to be mildly incapacitated at times. Two epic tracks around 15 minutes, Brain Utopia and The Awakening, and two short jam eruptions with overdubbed vocals, Trial And Error and Desert Man.


Yes my friends, we are talking vintage, fuzzy, psychedelic, and indeed, excellent Stoner material here. To say otherwise would require serious checking of the hearing, which is not a bad thing to do once in a while anyway.


If you don’t already know DEAF PROOF, there are a few other collections available that are certainly worth looking into. The EP “Death Sounds Angry” and the LP “Blood Red Sky Sessions”. Then there are the their two projects in conjunction one with Holistic Hobos and one with Mount Hush where there is much more grooviness to explore.


Vinyl Factz

  • 200x Limited Splatter LP Die Hard Edition “Neuronal Universe” with Bright Blue, Black, Red and White Butterfly Wings on Transparent Blue,

  • incl.Patch

                                        !! THIS ONE!!


  • cause I love that coloured version so much, I decided to order 200 :)

  • 200x Limiterte black LP - 180gr -

  • all will have an A 2 poster

  • 300x Limiterte Digipack CD

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Delivery weight: 515 g
Delivery weight: 515 g
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