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" II "

300 copies in total
150 x black -180gr. -
150 x red-black - marbled 
all with A2 poster, sticker & DLC

                                       -handnumbered -

Shem is a collective of musicians aiming

to create improvisational sound pieces influenced by

                 wide range of eras and strains of Psychedelic music:


From early Krautrock bands such as Amon Düül,


Can and Popol Vuh,

to the oscellation driven space rock of Hawkwind

and the meandering soundscapes

created by contemporary bands such

as Electric Orange, Oresund Space Collective and Kungens Män.

Through combining elements of Ambient, Drone, Psych and Space Rock into epic, reverb drenched jams,

Shem take the listener onto a cosmic journey

into their own realm of musical experimentation.


On their sophomore album, the band continue

their research mission into the deep field

of sonic improvisations, following up

"The Hill AC" with a 40 minute journey into cosmic abysses,

across obscured nightscapes and into the vastness of space.

Keeping up the momentum with a constant motorik groove,

Shem explore both moments of atmospheric calmth

and distorted maelstroms of psychedelic bliss,

offering the listener a gateway into their realm

of musical experimentations once again.


"II" displays the next step in a continuous creative process,

and we hope you enjoy delving into these

soundscapes as much as we enjoyed creating them!

The album will be released through Clostridium Records on March 5th,

limited to 150 copies on marbled red / 150 copies on black vinyl

and includes an A2 sized poster and logo stickers.



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