DESERT TREE HOUSE "dust rider"

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"dust rider"

PRE ORDER !!!!!! release date: 01.11.

COLOURED edition / 300 copies

black - red - corona

- 180 gr.-

incl A 3 poster, signed card & D L C

Desert Tree House is Alpha and Pedro, an instrumental Stoner Rock duo from Freiburg.

Alpha electrifies the room with riffs ranging from doom to psychedelic and onward toward

more progressive elements based by Pedro's bonhamesque pounding drums.


By adding synths and organs on "Dust Rider" 2022

the music has been added another layer of depth.

Desert Tree House used the time during the pandemic to stay productive and are now proud to present their second album Dust Rider on Clostridium Records. The powerful sound is still the foundation for their work, but Desert Tree House has also expanded its creative horizon. The implementation of Synthesizers, Organ, and other unconventional passages now lift the experience beyond the boundaries of the Stoner Rock Genre. Sonic Wasteland lays the groundwork for what is to come with a strong dynamic rhythm, followed by Evaporating Ocean, featuring an equally heavy sound where a hypnotic lead guitar awaits. The a-side ends with Sand Jet Pilot which is shorter in length than what usually comes from the Black Forest duo, but also serves as a small appetizer for the wave of sound that will be crashing down on you when you flip the record over. Betelgeuse Goes Supernova melts in your ears as a firework of guitars and bass flow throughout with beautiful melodies and a captivating guitar solo. And finally, the album ends with Dust Rider, an epic tune that puts the soul of DTH on display. This song is truly captivating, and there is so much to explore in its 14 minute duration. When it is all over, the void left behind leaves only one option: go back and listen to it all again! Clostridium Records is proud to display this work on vinyl and is an automatic guarantee for the best Hi-Fi experience to be had. The album is complete in a limited, hand numbered Black Red Corona theme, including a download code where a small surprise is waiting. Dan from Loa Ride once again took the time to put vocals onto some of these masterpieces to give them a somewhat different perspective, and a bit of something to think about while listening. An autographed card and poster are also included, making this a package that will surely fit neatly into anyone’s sound collection.








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