SAINT KARLOFF "Interstellar Voodoo"

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"Interstellar Voodoo" 

Label: Majestic Mountain Records, 10/2029

Black Hole Edition
First press, edit. of 300
Label: MajesticMountainRecords,2019new & unplayed
Vocals and Guitar: Mads Melvold
Bass: Ole Sletner
Drums: Adam Suleiman
Perc and keys: Saint Karloff


released October 4, 2019

Recorded at the Mountains of Loudness by
Saint Karloff and Terje Vea Torkellsen
Mixed by Marcus Forsgren, Studio Paradiso
Produced by Marcus Forsgren and Saint Karloff
Mastered by Joona Hassinen, Studio Underjord
Special thanks to Emil Kjærnli, Eivind Sletner, fam Sletta and Hessaklimpen
Art by Eivind and Ole Sletner

All music written and performed by Saint Karloff

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