VESPERO "De ludo globi" LPcol.

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CR 094


"De ludo globi"

COLOURED / grey-marbled

limited & numbered copies ( 300 )


8-page - booklet



"Formed in early 2003 in Astrakhan (Southern Russia), VESPERO went through numerous personnel changes, produced quite a few low budget recordings, and turned into a mainstay of local scene before releasing their official debut album in 2007. They spend most of the time diligently honing their musical craft and inventing their own fantasy world somewhere near the crossroads of psychedelic, space rock, progressive rock, kraut-rock, avant-garde poetry and live theatrical performance."


“With each new release the Russian band Vespero further reinforce my feeling that they are one of the best instrumental bands on the contemporary Space Rock/Psychedelic scene…”

(by Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations).




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