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CR 098



COLOURED / red-black-marbled

limited & numbered copies ( 300 )


LP size insert



"Hauch is a stoner rock band from Waltrop, Germany, formed in 2020. The band has one album so far, Lehmasche, composed of five super groovy, energetic songs with German lyrics. In fact, that groove factor is what stands out most about this album. I have to admit, I was a bit thrown off when I read Hauch's Bandcamp description: "Stoner rock songs for banger, stoner, dancer, & DJs." That's definitely new to me. But, hear me out: Lehmasche is reminiscent of 1990s stoner rock bands such as Monster Magnet with a dash of space rock influence, just the spaced-out dance version, if that makes sense. Of course, I don't mean in the same vein as industrial or techno music; but more like high octane stoner rock. It's still riff-heavy, but with super clean production compared to some of its ultra-fuzzy counterparts. A quick Google search tells me that stoner dance clubs are, in fact, a thing, and Hauch would be right at home there. I'll definitely be blasting Hauch next time I'm in the gym as well. You'll definitely want a good speaker for this one so you can fully appreciate all dimensions of this band's sound.
All of my vinyl-heads out there will be psyched to know Hauch is planning on releasing Lehmasche on colored vinyl in April of this year, via Clostridium Records. "





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