KANOI "There´s no meaning to any of this (until we find out what it is )

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Limited edition of 300 copies 2-CD EcoPack

** The album on 2 discs, housed in thick, shrinkwrapped cardboard! **
/ a 100 available at ClostridiumRecords only / co-production with KANOI himself & GasStationRainbowRecords


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This album has been in the making for a very long time. I actually started writing it soon after releasing "Mountains Of The Sun" at the end of 2016 but the recording process was slow and grueling due to old and increasingly unreliable equipment. As a result I wasn't very satisfied with the material that came out of those recording sessions (the best of which I released as the "Home By The Sea" EP in 2017) and felt very frustrated and uninspired which led to me not really recording any new material for nearly a year. I was still writing though and at the end of 2018 I had amassed over 30 demos of songs in various states of completion. Around that time I also finally bit the bullet and switched to a whole new recording setup which actually made producing and recording music fun again and for the next 6 months I sifted through all my demos and recorded song after song. By June 2019 I had completed most of the work on 80 minutes of music, spread over 18 tracks (not counting the 30 seconds of silence I included as track 11 on the digital version to provide a break between the two parts of the album). The songs on this record, stylewise, are all over the place, more "Giant Sand", "Wilco" and "Eels" than "Pink Floyd" or "Jimi Hendrix" (you'll still find a few guitar work-outs on there though) - I just wanted to make a very diverse recording encompassing ALL of my musical tastes and not just "Mountains Of The Sun 2". I think I managed to do that with this record!


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