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 ALPHA OMEGA "Electronic Mind Project" CR 017col

180gr. Vinyl - pressed in Germany

Gatefoldcover - black poly-lined-innersleeve

limited to 200 BLACK copies

( 200 x coloured THIS one

+ 100 x SPLIT as DIE HARD edition )


different trackorder ( CD ) - special VINYL-mastering!!

From Aural Innovations #23 (April 2003)

Alpha Omega is a Brisbane, Australia based trio that plays....... SPACE ROCK!! No shit, this is the real deal kind of stuff that will make the Hawkwind fans drool. The band consists of Paul Power on guitar, bass, keyboards, electronics and vocals, Max Wilcox on bass, guitar, electronics and vocals, and Stuart Hodgson on drums. Electronic Mind Project is their debut release and I think they've also been involved in putting some festivals together in the land down under.

Despite the album title being Electronic Mind Project, this is a guitar driven band with the emphasis on the Rock and the electronic parts being all the classic space rock alien embellishments. The album opens with "Prelude To The Eye", an intro bit that consists of bleeping synth freakiness á la Space Ritual and Sonic Attack styled narration. Other highlights include "Black Hole Approaching" which consists of total pounding space rock for fans of all things cosmic, heavy and sci-fi oriented. "Cold Light Years" includes acoustic guitars, a deep rolling bass, and bubbling alien synths. Another mind-bending heavy space rocker. "Void Part 1" is a raw rocker with a punky attitude, but still includes a sci fi vibe and lyrics. "Void Part 2" is a kind of a down ‘n dirty punky Purple Haze in space Hendrix styled rocker. "Private Hell" is a kick ass psychedelic space-punk/metal song with some fairly intricate instrumental bits. A brain pounding mind trip. "Mystique" is a collage of freaky loops, space electronics and trip guitar. And the closing track, "Space Pilot", is about as good of a blow-yer-face-out space rock song as you'll get. It's an excellent combination of pounding Hawk inspired space rock, 60's influenced psychedelia, anthem rock and progressive rock. Absolutely fantastic.

In summary, Alpha Omega are guaranteed to satisfy fans of the Hawkwind school of Space Rock. Their web site indicates they were working on a new CD a year ago so hopefully we'll have some new music soon. Recommended.



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