MODERN STARS "Termination"

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MODERN STARS "Termination"


A collective release through

Clostridium Records

Little Cloud Records ( USA )

Sister 9 Records  ( UK )


(300 copies in total / 100 copies here!!!!)


Pressed on 180g black vinyl and packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve

with exclusive artwork and lyrics.

Modern Stars is a neo-psych rock band hailing from Italy. Founding members are Andrea Merolle, Barbara Margani and Andrea Sperduti. Both Andreas have been active in several bands of the Latium underground scene and Barbara is a lyric soprano. Their unique music could be described as instinctive, flickering, fuzzy, aerial, groovy, bizarre, distorted, harmonious and dissonant. They are heavily influenced by bands such as Spacemen 3, Primal Scream, Suicide and a lot of less known musicians. Mario Bruni from John Canoe joined the band on 2023 as bass player.

They released their debut album Silver Needles on 2020 and their sophomore album PsychIndustrial on 2021 both via Italian label Miacameretta Records. After being recognized several times in Bandcamp discover for neo-psych genre and having two songs on the soundtrack of the movie My Soul Summer, they released their third studio work Space Trips for the Masses on 2022 via Little Cloud Records, which has been recognized between the best psych albums of the year in several fanzines.

On 1st March 2024 Modern Stars will release Termination via Little Cloud Records, Sister 9 Recordings and Clostridium Records. Termination is an album inspired by the halting problem in computer theory, the undecidable problem of determining from a description of an arbitrary computer program and an input whether the program

will finish running or continue to run forever.




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